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How to Decorate Your Windows and Doors For the 2022 Holidays

In this blog we’ll touch upon decorating windows for the holidays, creating a guide on how to best decorate your windows from window companies in Glasgow. This is a simple tutorial that any family or company can do before the holidays.

Hot Glue

For starters, you can easily decorate your windows and doors for the holidays with hot glue. The glue works great on glass surfaces, and it peels off easily. It can also be used to create 3D ornaments. If you want to hide the hot glue, you can apply clear nail polish.

Hot glue is great for hanging outdoor lights, but it can be difficult to stick them to tough surfaces, such as brick or stone. It …

first-time event planner

Essential Tips for a First-Time Event Planner

Being an event planner can seem like a dream job. You get to plan out and then go to luxurious events on a regular basis. Don’t get us wrong – it can be a brilliant career. Seeing events that you have planned come to life is a wonderful experience. But it can also be tough work. There is so many factors that go in to an event that you will have to account for. The first event can also be the toughest. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of essential tips for the first-time event planner:…

wet rot

Everything You Need To Know About Wet Rot Before Booking Your Venue

You’ve heard the horror stories. A week before your wedding the venue floods, or there was a power cut half way through the event or there has been some other disaster that nobody could have predicted. Wet rot is something nobody even thinks of when hiring a property. However wet rot can cause structural damage and nasty smells – something you definitely don’t want on your big day. Here is everything you need to know about wet rot.

What Is Wet Rot?

Wet rot can simply be described as timber wood which decays due to the exposure if moisture or dampness.

Wet rot can occur for a number of reasons:

  • Leaky roof
  • Burst pipes
  • Leaking bath
  • Broken washing machine

wet rot


Why You Should Host Your Wedding In Scotland

People who are Scottish are proud to be Scottish so when it comes to their wedding day they will be sure to let everyone know…they’re Scottish. From wearing kilts, to hiring a piper to ensuring there is as much tartan as possible splashed across the whole day. However if you are not Scottish but dream of having your wedding in Scotland (what? Some people get married in the Bahamas, what’s the difference?) then here is why you should definitely host your wedding in the motherland.


Men in kilts…speaks for itself really.


The city of Glasgow needed a memorable marketing campaign for the Commonwealth Games in they came up with the tag line ‘People Make Glasgow’. This was …

temporary event staff

Why You Should Hire Temporary Event Staff For Your Wedding

Wedding Day – famously described as the most memorable day of your life. There can be a lot of pressure on the wedding party to pull off a very memorable celebration. Here is why you should remove the stress and pressure of the ‘biggest’ day of your life and hire temporary event staff to make your wedding day the ‘best’ day of your life.

temporary event staff

Who Are Temporary Event Staff?

There are many agencies, such as Ten Ten who have access to an array of talented employees who range from event planners, waiting staff, cocktail masters, painters and decorators, project managers, security and joiners. Agencies like Ten Ten can provide temporary staff for any event you’re hosting whether that is a …

Woman's hands with engagement ring wrapped around man's neck after emergency dentist Glasgow saved their engagement party.

How an Emergency Dentist Glasgow Saved My Engagement Party

Working for Small Things Iced has taught me how to properly plan for every type of event that life could possibly throw at you. From birthdays, to retirements, to weddings to christenings I have catered for and arranged every minor detail down to the folding of napkins on tables. So when it came to my own engagement party I saw no reason why I wouldn’t plan the entire thing myself with just a little assistance from colleagues and close friends and family. Despite my astute planning and experience nothing could have prepared me for the disaster that struck just a few hours before the part started. The only thing that could help was a local emergency dentist Glasgow.

Dental chair and machines are used in emergency dentist Glasgow clinic

The Incident

Women's Boots

Fiercely Fashionable Women’s Boots for Your Next Big Event

Do you have a party to attend and no clue what to wear? Despite soaring temperatures across the UK throughout 2018’s glorious summer, women’s boots are still on the table for fashion icons and Instagram influencers as the footwear trend prevails way past its traditional season. Naturally, most of us cannot afford luxurious designer branded boots or are lucky enough to have major high street labels send us unlimited styles in exchange for us being a brand ambassador (sigh). What we can do is go shopping in all the typical places for your regular working Josephine’s, such as Topshop and Zara, and of course the online winners like ASOS and Public Desire. However, for a gal who is looking for …

birthday party planning

Birthday Party Planning: How to Throw the Best One Yet

Throwing a birthday party for someone can be a difficult task. There are so many different factors that need to be considered. Sometimes it can get overwhelming and aspects of the party can be forgotten. You need to be able to balance what the birthday girl/boy is going to enjoy, and keeping all the guests entertained. Here is a breakdown of what to consider when birthday party planning:…