How an Emergency Dentist Glasgow Saved My Engagement Party

Woman's hands with engagement ring wrapped around man's neck after emergency dentist Glasgow saved their engagement party.

Working for Small Things Iced has taught me how to properly plan for every type of event that life could possibly throw at you. From birthdays, to retirements, to weddings to christenings I have catered for and arranged every minor detail down to the folding of napkins on tables. So when it came to my own engagement party I saw no reason why I wouldn’t plan the entire thing myself with just a little assistance from colleagues and close friends and family. Despite my astute planning and experience nothing could have prepared me for the disaster that struck just a few hours before the part started. The only thing that could help was a local emergency dentist Glasgow.

Dental chair and machines are used in emergency dentist Glasgow clinic

The Incident

It was the day of the party. All that was left to carry the beautiful cakes we had made from the van and into the venue. As I stepped onto the drive my heel became lodged in a crack in the tarmac and I went face first onto the ground. You have likely already guessed why this story ends with a visit to the emergency dentist Glasgow. Without thinking I automatically saved what was most dear to me within that moment, and that was the strawberry cheesecake I was carrying in my hands. This unfortunately meant there was nothing to break my own fall. Considering the speed at which I flew down and the angle of my face when I hit the dirt I feel I got off lightly with a scraped chin, cracked tooth and a face red with embarrassment.

Woman smiling with perfect teeth after fixed by emergency dentist Glasgow

Emergency Dentist Glasgow

Never in my life have I been so thrilled to hear that I could attend the dentist for a last minute appointment. The Berkeley Clinic is a well-known private dental surgery in Glasgow’s city centre offering a comprehensive range of cosmetic dentistry treatments on top of all the regular preventive and corrective dental practices. As this incident happened quite late in the day and I had to have some sort of fix within the few hours that the clinic was open until I wasn’t expecting much. Luckily for me the Berkeley Clinic is arguably the best emergency dentist Glasgow due to the abundance of innovative technology they have on-site at their practice. I had not long sat in the chair before a lab technician strolled through the door with his CadCam technology to get a high tech view of my teeth. The entire team were extremely accommodating and made me feel completely at ease with a cup of tea as I sat in their chic waiting room for what couldn’t have been more than 45 minutes. Back in the chair I was fitted with a porcelain veneers that not only matched perfectly the colour of my other teeth but fitted in nicely with the others so that you couldn’t even tell it was fake. Despite the painful and embarrassing incident that led me to the Berkeley Clinic, I was delighted with the way I was treated and the speed and professionalism with which the team worked. At the end of it all my engagement party was a success, the veneers stayed in place all night and of course the delicious cheesecake from Small Things Iced was enjoyed by everyone.