How to Decorate Your Windows and Doors For the 2022 Holidays

In this blog we’ll touch upon decorating windows for the holidays, creating a guide on how to best decorate your windows from window companies in Glasgow. This is a simple tutorial that any family or company can do before the holidays.

Hot Glue

For starters, you can easily decorate your windows and doors for the holidays with hot glue. The glue works great on glass surfaces, and it peels off easily. It can also be used to create 3D ornaments. If you want to hide the hot glue, you can apply clear nail polish.

Hot glue is great for hanging outdoor lights, but it can be difficult to stick them to tough surfaces, such as brick or stone. It is not recommended for most stucco surfaces, but it does work well on concrete, stone, and brick surfaces. Let us know if you want a further guide on Easter or Wedding decorations for windows and doors.


If you want a festive look for your home, consider decorating your windows and doors with holiday wreaths. Wreaths look festive and beautiful alongside Christmas tree decorations. Here are a few tips for applying wreaths to your windows and doors. First, measure your window frame from window companies in Glasgow to determine the centre point. Next, nail the wreath to the window frame with a large nail at an angle. If your window does not have wood trim, use a removable hook to hang it from. Once you have installed the wreath, tie a weather-resistant ribbon around the wreath. Then, fold the ribbon in half and tie it twice around the large nail.

Wreaths are also great to use throughout the year. While traditional wreaths are best used around the holidays, you can use floral-filled foliage in spring and summer. For example, consider this holiday wreath made from pheasant feathers and green magnolia leaves. Another option is to buy a live wreath from a local garden centre. A live wreath can add an extra pop of colour to the interior.

Window boxes

Christmas window boxes are a great way to add festive touches to your home. You can use bells, tinsel, lights, and reindeer to decorate them. You can also include snowmen. Kids will love making snowmen, which can be placed in the window box.

Window boxes are also a great way to add curb appeal and character to your home. Choose window boxes that complement your home’s trim and shutters, and be sure to choose window boxes that get plenty of sunlight. If you plan to place your window boxes near a door or window, make sure they’re a few inches below the height of the window. This will give your plants more room to grow.

Suction cups

If you’re decorating windows and doors during the holidays, consider using suction cups to hang small lights and ornaments. These suction cups can be easily installed on glass and other smooth surfaces. Just make sure to use a good-quality suction cup. Make sure the surface is clean and dry before you start attaching the decorations.

Washable window markers

There are many distinct types of washable window markers that are available. The Positive Art brand is a good choice for budget-conscious decorators. Its washable markers feature 30 different shades of colours and are reversible. Children of all ages can use washable window markers to create their own unique designs.

These markers are great for decorating windows and doors for the holidays because they can be used on all types of glass surfaces. They work well on glass, mirrors, frames, and mylar. The vibrant colours in the washable ink make designs pop. These washable window markers can also be used on chalkboards.