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How To Boost Customer Loyalty And Satisfaction

Invest In Customer Service

Loyal customers can save, as well as make a company a lot of money. They are far more likely to stay loyal to a brand with a great customer service team, and they can help lower the company’s marketing and acquisition costs by bringing in new business without any extra expense.

A great customer service experience can create brand advocates and spread the word about the business, which can significantly boost revenue and profitability. The best way to start creating loyal customers is by providing great customer support, and this means focusing on omnichannel communication and offering quick and helpful responses via phone, email, chat or social media.

Listen To Your Customers

Getting to know your …

What Is GDPR DSAR And Why Is It Important?

Companies must be able to verify that requests are made by the data subject. They may request written proof of authorisation or ask to see ID documents.

DSAR’s must be fulfilled without delay. The responsibility for fulfilling them falls on the organisation’s DPO, or someone with similar skills and knowledge.

What Is A DSAR?

A GDPR DSAR is any request from an individual who wants to see the personal data your company processes about them. The information they want to see can include things like their address, phone number, email, medical records, credit rating, and more. They can request this information by email, phone call, or via a website form. They can also ask for the details of anyone who …

How To Stay Organised When Planning An Event

Create A Checklist

A checklist is one of the best tools to have when planning an event. It helps you to remember all the important details, and can keep you on track throughout the process. It can be used in a variety of ways, including creating a guest list and sending invitations. It can also be useful for making a schedule for the day of the event, which can help to avoid any last minute surprises.

Delegate Tasks

Delegating tasks is a must when planning an event. This allows you to focus on other important aspects of the event and gives you time to complete essential tasks like creating a timeline and checking in with suppliers. When assigning tasks to …

Things To Do in Edinburgh

Edinburgh is a city that offers visitors plenty of things to do. From learning about Scotland’s history at the National Museum of Scotland to exploring the spooky Edinburgh Vaults on a ghost tour, there is something for everyone.

Edinburgh is a city which offers a range of activities, as well as history and architecture. This city caters to everyone looking to visit.


One of the most popular features of this city is its nightlife, especially for students. Since Edinburgh university is a popular choice among students, it is surrounded by pubs, clubs, bars and restaurants which are perfect spots to make the most of your night out. When choosing an Edinburgh club, look for spots that offer discounts …

Best Baking Tools For Beginners

Rolling Pin

The perfect rolling pin should be light enough to roll easily and sturdy enough to flatten dough evenly. This one features measurement rings etched into its wood, making it easy to get dough the same thickness from end to end. It also holds flour well without sticking and has a sleek, compact design that fits neatly in kitchen drawers. 

Pie Dish

The right pie dish will help you bake up a deliciously flaky crust and cook the contents evenly. Choose a sturdy pan made of glass or stainless steel to protect against thermal shock.

Look for one that is at least 1.25 inches deep to bake pies and cookies that require more liquid. A deeper dish will also …

What Is Tarmac And How Is It Used?

You have probably heard of the term “tarmac” in relation to airports. However, you may not know what it actually is.

Tarmac is a type of road surface made from crushed stones mixed with tar. It is commonly used at airports where planes taxi from the runway to the apron and back again. It is also useful to understand the process of resurfacing tarmac if you have a driveway that needs repaired.

What Is Tarmac?

Essentially, it’s crushed aggregate or stone coated with hot tar. The tar is added to the stone and sand mixture before being laid down. It is then compacted with a vibrating roller, making it durable and smooth. It is sometimes referred to as tarmacadam or …

Skills Needed For Working At A Property Agency

Whether you’re a newbie or a seasoned professional, the right skills can help you succeed at your job. Having these basic skills will give you an edge and improve your chances of becoming a top real estate agent.

Among the many tasks that you may encounter when working at a Glasgow property agency, one of the most important is communication. This means being able to speak clearly with clients, colleagues and other members of your company.

Organisational Skills

Organisation skills are a key component of successful property management. They help you manage multiple tasks at once, ensure everything is completed on time and avoid wasting time searching for items.

Real estate agents often have a high workload. You may …

ice cubes

Clever Uses For Ice Cubes

In addition to keeping your drink cold, ice cubes have many useful uses around the house. They’re perfect for cleaning a variety of containers, ranging from narrow necks to cracks in glasses. And if you’re stuck somewhere without access to ice, you can use crushed ice or lemon juice to numb the area with pain-relieving effects. Here are more clever uses for ice cubes.

You can place an ice cube on the soil in your potting mix to water your plants. Another great use for ice cubes is to soothe the pain of a splinter. Soaking your hands with an ice cube can help prevent splinters.

Compound butters are delicious and can make even your weekday meals look gourmet. You …

boiler servicing

Boiler Servicing Glasgow: When to Have Your Boiler Serviced?

If you’re unsure of when and why to have your boiler serviced, we’ll tell you first why you should do it and then when. There are many reasons to get regular boiler servicing Glasgow, but the main benefit is that the specialist will check the pressure in the expansion vessel and look for leaks, which is very important if you want your boiler to serve you long. You should also get the boiler checked for other potential problems, but these two are the most important ones.

Why you should have your boiler serviced?

We recommend getting boiler servicing Glasgow on a regular basis, preferably once per year. If you do not, you are putting yourself at risk of major …


Ways to Make Your Home More Environmentally Friendly

The world has become increasingly conscious of its environmental impact, and it is up to each of us to make the right decisions when it comes to our consumption behaviours. Many people have made the switch from single-use plastics to reusable shopping bags and coffee cups. The fight for a better planet is not limited to ditching plastics from our everyday life, we should make sustainable choices in every aspect of our lives.

A good way to start investing in a better future is to learn to recycle. You should designate a space for the recycling bins in the middle of your home, so everyone can easily access them. Make sure to label them so that everyone in the household …