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Why You Should Consider Wire Shelves For Your Kitchen

Kitchens can be cluttered spaces at the best of times , this means that many of us find ourselves struggling to find room to store things within the kitchen. However storage solutions such as wire shelves can prove to be highly beneficial for use in a kitchen and are used in a number of different sectors as well as the food and drink industry.  In this article we will look at just what makes wire shelves so unique and why they are valued by so many.

Wire Shelves

Wire Shelves Advantages

Wire Shelves have a number of inherent advantages over other forms of storage. One of the main advantages of wire shelves is their size. Wire shelves are designed to be manoeuvrable …

Baking And Britain

In Great Britain we have always been big fans of bakeries. However in recent years baking as well as cake shops and independent bakeries have seen a resurgence in demand thanks to the rise of shows such as the great British bake off. This show in particular proved to be such a big hit that at the peak of its popularity millions of people across the UK were watching the show at the same time each day that it was on.  As a result of the series many across the UK also chose to take up baking as a hobby and begin baking their own food.


Drop In Demand

However as well as a resurgence in demand there has …

wet rot

Everything You Need To Know About Wet Rot Before Booking Your Venue

You’ve heard the horror stories. A week before your wedding the venue floods, or there was a power cut half way through the event or there has been some other disaster that nobody could have predicted. Wet rot is something nobody even thinks of when hiring a property. However wet rot can cause structural damage and nasty smells – something you definitely don’t want on your big day. Here is everything you need to know about wet rot.

What Is Wet Rot?

Wet rot can simply be described as timber wood which decays due to the exposure if moisture or dampness.

Wet rot can occur for a number of reasons:

  • Leaky roof
  • Burst pipes
  • Leaking bath
  • Broken washing machine