Weird Plastic Surgery Trends and Weird Uses for Chemical Peels Glasgow

Plastic surgery has been a cause for controversy for many years. Trends come and go all the time and it’s no exception when it comes to people altering their bodies. Here are some current weird plastic surgery trends, including plastic surgery parties and chemical peels in Glasgow for knees and elbows.

People Have Started Hosting “Plastic Surgery Parties”

A trend that has developed and spread in recent years has been “plastic surgery parties.” There are different variations of these;

Plastic Surgery Reveal Parties

You may have heard of gender reveal parties but a new trend is the plastic surgery reveal party. People who get work done sometimes opt to let all of their friends and family know about it in the most extra way possible – by inviting them all over and revealing the “new them.”  Whether it’s a nose job or chemical peels in Glasgow, people will use any reason to celebrate.

Parties Where Plastic Surgery is Administered

Another type of plastic surgery party (yes, there is more than one) has caused a lot more controversy and has even been branded as “insane and depraved” by some plastic surgeons. During these parties, people gather – usually at someone’s home – and a plastic surgeon will come and administer Botox during the party. There have also been cases where cosmetic treatments and surgery have been given as prizes.

Both of these trends are still fairly new but with the rise in popularity and the normalisation of cosmetic treatments, it could only be a matter of time until parties like this go mainstream.

Knee and Elbow Chemical Peels Glasgow

You may have heard of the chemical peels in Glasgow, these target imperfections on the face, such as scarring, uneven skin tone and dullness. But there has been an increase in the trend of people getting chemical peels on their knees and elbows. People who are unhappy with the way their keens and elbows look e.g. uneven colouring, grey/brown pigmentation (a concern for many African and Asian women). The chemical peels Glasgow achieve a more even tone to skin.

chemical peels glasgow


Foot Padding

A trend that is potentially weirder than knee and elbow chemical peels in Glasgow, is foot padding. This is where fat is injected into the soles of a person’s feet. This is commonly done so that people can wear high heels or be on their feet for long periods of time without experiencing as much pain.

Toe Reshaping

More and more people are opting for surgery to change the shape of their feet. This is ideal for people who don’t like the way they’re feet look (but let’s be honest, does anyone?) Toe reshaping can take many forms including;

  • Fat reduction
  • Foot shortening
  • Pinky toe amputations