Fiercely Fashionable Women’s Boots for Your Next Big Event

Women's Boots

Do you have a party to attend and no clue what to wear? Despite soaring temperatures across the UK throughout 2018’s glorious summer, women’s boots are still on the table for fashion icons and Instagram influencers as the footwear trend prevails way past its traditional season. Naturally, most of us cannot afford luxurious designer branded boots or are lucky enough to have major high street labels send us unlimited styles in exchange for us being a brand ambassador (sigh). What we can do is go shopping in all the typical places for your regular working Josephine’s, such as Topshop and Zara, and of course the online winners like ASOS and Public Desire. However, for a gal who is looking for boots that are entirely unique and that nobody else in her outer circle is likely to have, well, times can be tough. Thankfully, the new kid on the block has an impressive online stocklist that is guaranteed to make heads turn without breaking the bank.

E&A Fashion Supple Women’s Boots for the Bold

E&A Fashion is an e-commerce store selling independent, new to the British market labels that offer a unique choice of fashion that you won’t be able to find on the high street. This business prides itself in standing out from the crowd and offering boutique garments that are affordable yet stylish. Amongst E&A Fashions’ impressive stocklist is a delicious range of footwear that varies in brand, colour and style. All the boots available on this e-store tie in with the current footwear trends yet hold a unique and original design aspect that gives them an extra edge you won’t find in your typical shopping haunts.

Women's Boots

The Ankle Boot

Three of the four current women’s boots styles on the E&A Fashion website are ankle boots or the short boot style. This type of boot is very popular at the moment with celebrities and fashion icons such as Jordyn Woods styling them with trending sports trousers. Jordyn recently promoted her collaboration with major America brand Barney’s.

The High Boot

Last but not least: the enduring high legged boot. Women’s boots that either reach the knee or go much higher have come in and out of fashion trends over the years since the sixties. Thigh high boots saw a huge comeback through 2017’s Autumn/Winter and while most would have predicted it would fall away with the spring thaw, the thigh-high boot trend has stayed strong and continues to make appearances on fashion runways, celebrities and regular working Josephine’s alike. E&A Fashion’s take on the high boot is distinctively chic. It is certainly a style for those who dare to stand out and make a statement.

Women's Boots

Women’s Boots Sale

If the fabulous fashion isn’t enough to tickle your fancy then the excellent prices might be the deciding factor. E&A Fashion currently has a sale on meaning you could bag yourself some beautiful women’s boots for less than £60. So get on to the website ASAP so you can get your brand new boots in time for your special occasion.