Why You Should Host Your Wedding In Scotland

People who are Scottish are proud to be Scottish so when it comes to their wedding day they will be sure to let everyone know…they’re Scottish. From wearing kilts, to hiring a piper to ensuring there is as much tartan as possible splashed across the whole day. However if you are not Scottish but dream of having your wedding in Scotland (what? Some people get married in the Bahamas, what’s the difference?) then here is why you should definitely host your wedding in the motherland.


Men in kilts…speaks for itself really.


The city of Glasgow needed a memorable marketing campaign for the Commonwealth Games in 2014..so they came up with the tag line ‘People Make Glasgow’. This was based on the facts that tourists always visit Edinburgh because of the castle and ignoring what Glasgow has to offer. Watch Still Game and that’ll give you an insight to what Glasgow has to offer.

All jokes aside, Scotland is known all over the globe for breeding the friendliest people in the world. It may rain all the time but we are the happiest population (and that has absolutely nothing to do with our love/dependence for whisky).

You’re From Scotland? Do You Live In A Castle?


A question I have genuinely been asked before when I was holidaying abroad. No, nobody lives in castles. It’s 2019.


There are castles than you can visit and even get married in. Some absolutely beautiful architecture and history and a very memorable and romantic place to get married in. Most castles are owned by the National Trust and have regulations but most of the time you can decorate and personalise the space however you like with candles and fairy lights – beautiful. Another point about getting married in castles, you are most likely going to be surrounded by lakes (lochs) and trees and the most unimaginable scenery which will give your photographer a lot to work with – if it doesn’t rain on your big day.


What are you talking about?! Haggis is delicious!!


If there is one thing us Scots know how to do is party. Pass us a drink and we’ll be up dancing all night – which is what you want on the evening of your wedding isn’t it? Ever been to a Scottish¬†c√®ilidh? No?




It’s definitely a life experience.


………………………………………………. “Mary you were supposed to spin 8 times in the Virginia Wheel not 12”


I hope I’ve convinced you to hold the biggest day of your life in the wonderful land of Scots.