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modern bathroom shower with wall panels

Shower Wall Panels Guide: Give Your Bathroom a Fresh Look

Give your bathroom an updated appearance with shower wall panels. Offering various styles and finishes, they are easy to clean, waterproof, and highly effective in preventing mildew and mould.

Fix them to walls using adhesive or mechanical fasteners, depending on the wall material, even over existing tiles! Their tongue-and-groove fitting system means that there’s no need for grout as all joints are fully sealed, so no water penetrates the walls.

modern bathroom


Shower wall panels offer an easy and cost-effective alternative to traditional tile installations, with many styles and finishes, from faux-tile to marble, available as single, two, three, or five-piece sets for shower stalls or bathtub alcoves. Their removable panels make cleaning much simpler while lasting far longer than real …

How to Decorate Your Windows and Doors For the 2022 Holidays

In this blog we’ll touch upon decorating windows for the holidays, creating a guide on how to best decorate your windows from window companies in Glasgow. This is a simple tutorial that any family or company can do before the holidays.

Hot Glue

For starters, you can easily decorate your windows and doors for the holidays with hot glue. The glue works great on glass surfaces, and it peels off easily. It can also be used to create 3D ornaments. If you want to hide the hot glue, you can apply clear nail polish.

Hot glue is great for hanging outdoor lights, but it can be difficult to stick them to tough surfaces, such as brick or stone. It …

What To Look Out For When Viewing A Property


When viewing a property, especially an older property, you should be ensuring that the structure is still sturdy and safe. It is normal for the building to have a few small, minor cracks, however if you see any large and gaping cracks within the structure, this could be an indication of how sturdy the building is. For long-term purposes, you may want to avoid any properties like this as it can be extremely expensive to fix and can cause many other structural issues.


Dampness is a problem that is common in older homes but can be difficult to remedy. Not only is dampness unpleasant to look at, but it can cause respiratory issues in the long run. You …

sell a house fast

Want to Sell A House Fast in 2021?

Are you looking for a way to sell a house fast this year? If yes, then we can help. Regardless of the pandemic and the on and off lockdowns, virtual viewings can help. But to make sure your house can get sold quickly, it is best to list your property on different websites. You also need to make sure that the virtual video for your property is done in the best way possible. The video that you create is the first thing that potential buyers will be seeing and therefore plays a huge role in their decision. If you are in a rush to sell a house fast, keep reading our article and by the end, you’ll know all the …