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View from the gate of a large home with tarmac driveways leading to the door

The Importance of Tarmac Driveways When Hosting at Home

When hosting your big event at home, there are a million and one things which you suddenly realise need fixing or sprucing up in your property. On top of all the obvious checks like glassware, plates, seating and lighting there is the question of the bathrooms, entryways and gardens (if your weather will permit your guests outside). On the big night, every aspect and detail of your home life will be exposed to your invites and you want the evening to go as smoothly as possible. One area of your property which will be thoroughly trodden on is your entryway and drive. It is for this reason that tarmac driveways are very important things to have installed before entertaining at …

Woman's hands with engagement ring wrapped around man's neck after emergency dentist Glasgow saved their engagement party.

How an Emergency Dentist Glasgow Saved My Engagement Party

Working for Small Things Iced has taught me how to properly plan for every type of event that life could possibly throw at you. From birthdays, to retirements, to weddings to christenings I have catered for and arranged every minor detail down to the folding of napkins on tables. So when it came to my own engagement party I saw no reason why I wouldn’t plan the entire thing myself with just a little assistance from colleagues and close friends and family. Despite my astute planning and experience nothing could have prepared me for the disaster that struck just a few hours before the part started. The only thing that could help was a local emergency dentist Glasgow.

Dental chair and machines are used in emergency dentist Glasgow clinic


A glass tray filled with little sponge cake smothered in cream and topped with a strawberry.

Creative Cakes for Special Events that Are Too Good to Eat

At events one of the most important things is the cake. Everyone is always wanting their cake to look amazing as well as taste amazing and some people go above and beyond to ensure they get exactly that. More and more cakes are beginning to look like decorations rather than a tasty treat to eat because of how realistic they look. From cakes looking like a real bouquet of flowers or looking like real life figures from your favourite Disney movie. Depending on the occasion there really is a cake for many different events.

Slices of fruit cakes on a white plate

Different events for cakes

There really is a cake for nearly every event ranging from birthdays, Christmas and other holidays to weddings and cake smashes for …

professional logo designers

Getting the Perfect Events Logo from Professional Logo Designers

Having an attractive logo is important for companies in all different industries. This is no different to an events business. They need an attractive, eye-catching design that is going to reflect well on their events. How your event looks is a big part of how successful it is going to be. If your logo design is bland and uninspiring then it won’t get people interested in coming to your event. Here are the key aspects of professional logo designers such as Repeat Logo will look at when designing your events logo:…