Birthday Party Planning: How to Throw the Best One Yet

birthday party planning

Throwing a birthday party for someone can be a difficult task. There are so many different factors that need to be considered. Sometimes it can get overwhelming and aspects of the party can be forgotten. You need to be able to balance what the birthday girl/boy is going to enjoy, and keeping all the guests entertained. Here is a breakdown of what to consider when birthday party planning:

Consider Your Guest of Honour

It makes sense that one of the most important things to consider when planning a birthday party is the guest of honour themselves. After all, the day is all about them. No matter what age the person is, you should tailor it to them. Consider age, likes, personality, dislikes and attention span. Every person is going to be different – meaning no two parties are going to be the same.

Birthday Party Planning: The Budget

birthday party planning

No money should be spent on the party until a budget is set. You don’t want to start spending money and then run out before you’ve finished. That will ruin the party. There are a number of things that you are going to have to determine how much to spend on. These include:

  • Cake
  • Invitations
  • Drinks
  • Presents
  • Entertainment
  • Decorations
  • Renting a space

Select a Theme

Most parties will have a theme – no matter how small. Some people will prefer that the theme is loose and won’t really need to be followed much by guests. But some people will want more focused themes that everyone should follow. These can include popular themes such as the 1920’s, Pirates etc. You should consider if your guest of honour would like a theme, and if so, which one?

birthday party planning

Choosing a Venue

Your venue is going to determine a lot about the birthday party planning. Themes, entertainment and length can all be influenced by where the party is held. If you are going to have large numbers of people there, then you may be better hiring out a large venue. If you are happy having it at a home, then it could also be there. There are so many options for venues out there that should be carefully considered.

Consider the Guests

What’s a birthday party without guests? They are so important to making the day enjoyable and memorable for everyone. There are several things that need consider when it comes to guests. First of all, who are you going to invite? Remember that it will be the people that the guest of honour would want there and not you. You also need to determine how many people are going to be invited. Making the experience of the guests enjoyable is a big part of your planning.

birthday party planning

Time to Prepare

We know that most of you out there have a busy lifestyle. That is why it is so important to plan out how long it’s going to take you to prepare for the party. You will have to make invitations, bake/pick up the birthday cake and more. Make sure that you allow yourself time to do all this and then rest before the party starts.