What To Look Out For When Viewing A Property


When viewing a property, especially an older property, you should be ensuring that the structure is still sturdy and safe. It is normal for the building to have a few small, minor cracks, however if you see any large and gaping cracks within the structure, this could be an indication of how sturdy the building is. For long-term purposes, you may want to avoid any properties like this as it can be extremely expensive to fix and can cause many other structural issues.


Dampness is a problem that is common in older homes but can be difficult to remedy. Not only is dampness unpleasant to look at, but it can cause respiratory issues in the long run. You should be looking for signs of dampness around windows, ceilings, walls, and doors. Even freshly painted rooms could be covering up potential dampness, so be sure to question this.

North Or South Facing

In summer months, the direction in which the property faces really does matter and can impact buying decisions. If it is a home with a garden, you are ideally looking for a home that is facing the sun to ensure you can enjoy those warm summer days on your own property. You can take a compass to property viewing; however, this is usually already stated.

Roof Condition

Older roofs can cause a number of issues and are incredibly expensive to fix. They can also be dangerous once damaged. You should check the condition of the roof (or ask about it) and ask what material it is made from as this will give you an idea of its life expectancy. Do your research beforehand!