Symptoms Of A Hormonal Imbalance In Women

Hormones are chemicals that help your body transmit important information. They regulate several functions, such as our reproduction cycle or metabolism. They are essential in keeping our body functioning as it should without any complications. Hormones are incredibly sensitive to changes in the body and therefore, their production may increase or decrease, which causes a hormonal imbalance and you may experience unpleasant symptoms. 

It is essential to check on your hormone levels via a female hormone blood test and always keep an eye on the following symptoms:

Weight Gain and Weight Loss

Hormone levels do not cause you to gain weight directly. Rather, they have a much smarter approach to the condition as they change your lifestyle choices. For instance, as you hit menopause, you can end up eating more food than needed due to a dropped estrogen level. This may result in gaining extra weight.

On the contrary, an increase in thyroid hormone can burn more calories. So, don’t be surprised if you just lost 5 pounds without a heavy workout. Instead, the root cause of this could be a hormonal imbalance and you should always consult with your doctor if you find abnormal or drastic weight changes occurring.

Irregular Periods

An increased or decreased level in your oestrogen or progesterone can cause irregular menstrual cycles. So, if you are consistently missing or experiencing late periods, this could be a sign that your hormone levels are off.

Trouble Falling Asleep

If you are experiencing trouble falling asleep, chances are that your progesterone level has decreased. This can usually happen as a part of your monthly menstrual cycle but can also occur at random depending on your hormone levels. Moreover, you can also experience hot flashes and sweaty nights due to low oestrogen levels which can make you lose sleep. 

Chronic Acne

A pimple or two is fine when you get your period. But are you dealing with acne that just won’t go away? This is alarming since an increase in androgen can cause excessive oil production. Moreover, the hormone may also impact the skin surrounding the hair follicles. As a result, you end up having clogged pores and stubborn acne. Therefore, you should take a female hormone blood test to check what is causing you chronic acne. 

Digestion Problems 

The entire digestive system is occupied by several small cells known as receptors. These cells are controlled by progesterone and oestrogen. With an excessive amount of these hormones, you are likely to suffer from digestive issues. In addition, you may feel bloated and experience stomach aches, diarrhoea, nausea, etc. These are all unpleasant and uncomfortable symptoms that come with a hormonal imbalance.

Constant Fatigue

Fatigue that doesn’t seem to subside with a good night’s rest, can also be a clear sign that your hormone levels are not where they should be. This is an extremely common factor and is experienced by many women. Your body can feel weak and tired causing you to crave sleep or rest more often, even if you have not carried out any tedious activities. 


Since a hormonal imbalance can present itself in many different symptoms, it can often be mistaken for other illnesses or conditions. This is why it is important to undergo a hormone test. The results of the test will be able to determine whether or not you are impacted by imbalance hormones and the severity of the situation.