Shower Wall Panels Guide: Give Your Bathroom a Fresh Look

modern bathroom shower with wall panels

Give your bathroom an updated appearance with shower wall panels. Offering various styles and finishes, they are easy to clean, waterproof, and highly effective in preventing mildew and mould.

Fix them to walls using adhesive or mechanical fasteners, depending on the wall material, even over existing tiles! Their tongue-and-groove fitting system means that there’s no need for grout as all joints are fully sealed, so no water penetrates the walls.

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Shower wall panels offer an easy and cost-effective alternative to traditional tile installations, with many styles and finishes, from faux-tile to marble, available as single, two, three, or five-piece sets for shower stalls or bathtub alcoves. Their removable panels make cleaning much simpler while lasting far longer than real tiles—plus, they can even be installed onto walls that may not be straight!

Shower wall panels, unlike tile, which can crack and chip over time, are constructed of non-porous materials that do not allow mould or mildew growth. Their surface has a high-gloss finish that resists staining and can easily be cleaned using soapy water or window cleaner. In addition, these materials are more affordable than real marble for creating modern bathrooms at a fraction of their price point.

Dry-fitting waterproof shower wall panels is the first step in installing them correctly and ensuring they will look exactly as they should when they are complete. It is an important step as it can help avoid mistakes that lead to leaks and damages later.

Before beginning installation, it is also essential to properly prepare the wall surface to ensure it is smooth and free from bumps or uneven spots. A spirit level should be used to check for accuracy.

Once the wall is prepared, apply waterproof sealant to all corners. Place the first panel and press it firmly against the wall; apply the remaining panels as before, making sure they are all correctly positioned; if there are gaps between the panels and tub, fill them using waterproof silicone caulk.

Most shower wall panel manufacturers provide an array of accessories and trims to give your project an attractive finish, such as corner trims, J trims, and end caps. You can cut these to size using either utility knives or scissors; some companies even have tools designed specifically to measure and cut trims to the appropriate length.

Easy to install

Shower wall panels are an efficient and quick way to update any bathroom. Easy to install without needing grout, they can be fitted instead of tiles in just hours and be ready for use right away. Plus, they’re more cost-effective and can fit seamlessly into various bathroom designs!

These shower panels are typically constructed out of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) or medium-density fiberboard (MDF) and sometimes coloured acrylic and come in sheets that can be cut to any size necessary for your enclosure. When put together, they fit comfortably against walls, timber, or concrete surfaces—long-term durability is guaranteed with proper care!

Shower wall panels also make life easy when it comes to maintenance. Unlike tiles, they don’t need grout for water resistance or cleaning purposes and are much simpler to keep looking their best; just wipe with a damp cloth! Choose from different colours and styles, including wood grain, marble look, and quartz. Manufacturers usually offer panels specifically tailored to curves as well.

Before selecting a shower panel, be sure to measure its dimensions so as to get optimal coverage. Many companies provide online tools to assist you in this endeavour and determine how many panels are necessary for your space. Furthermore, consider your shower shape as well as any additional fixtures you plan on including within it.

Though tile remains the go-to material for shower stalls and other water-exposed areas, shower wall panels have increasingly proven themselves as smart choices for use around the shower stalls and bath. Their benefits include being lightweight and quick to install without grout requirements (often cheaper than tiles), being less susceptible to mould and mildew growth, easier cleanup procedures, and often being faster.


Shower wall panels offer you a wealth of design possibilities. More affordable than tiles and easier to install, these panels make a perfect addition to any small bathroom space. Available in various sizes and colours—even custom designs from your supplier if you want something special—shower wall panels offer you many design choices that won’t break the bank!

Finding an appropriate shower panel on a budget can be challenging. Fibreglass walls offer the least expensive solution and feature no extravagant designs or fancy styling; however, they still perform up to basic standards and should meet basic performance expectations. Because fibreglass shower walls can easily scratch, extra care must be taken with these walls when selecting and purchasing them.

If your budget is tight, solid-core boards with waterproof laminate coverings may be your solution. These boards typically cost less than acrylic or PVC options and can usually be found made of MDF or plywood, providing many styles from plain texture to gloss finishes, while matte finishes work especially well for dark colour palettes, hiding almost all stains and fingerprints effectively.

These panels also make an excellent solution to covering up old tiles in your bathroom or ensuite, saving money while making it look brand new! Plus, cleaning these panels is simple without grout lines to worry about!

Shower panels also come with various designs and patterns, which continue to advance as technology does. Brick designs are a popular option; however, you should choose according to personal taste; some people love brighter hues!

There are also brands that provide textured surfaces, which add dimension and interest to a room, providing more bespoke looks for those less experienced in DIY. It can also make it easier to achieve that sought-after bespoke feel! This option is an excellent way for novice DIYers to get their projects underway!

Shower panels can add personality to your bathroom by covering a toilet area with them, creating a standout focal point! Using different coloured panels behind each toilet seat adds interest and can add some flair.


Shower wall panels offer homeowners a cost-effective solution to upgrade their bathroom without breaking the bank. Easy to install and clean, these waterproof panels come in various styles that complement any decor—they even make for an inexpensive alternative to tile!

Your choice of material for shower walls will have an enormous effect on how they appear, their durability, and their maintenance needs. Options available to you include fibreglass and acrylic. Each option offers its own benefits and drawbacks; for instance, fibreglass offers affordability while remaining long-lasting, while acrylic may discolour over time.

Acrylic is more costly but offers a luxurious appearance and won’t discolour over time. Plus, its ease of installation makes it perfect for quick bathroom remodels; however, removal might prove more challenging should your taste change in the future.

Synthetic shower walls come in an assortment of styles and finishes, from smooth matte or gloss finishes to replicating the look of stone, tile, or wood surfaces. Some brands even introduce designs with relief patterns that evoke natural materials better. Unfortunately, synthetic panels don’t last as long as real tile, necessitating annual resealing to protect them against moisture damage.

If you prefer more natural aesthetics, stone and granite panels could be your answer. More durable than acrylic and fibreglass options, they can easily resemble any tile type, with various patterns available to complement any style imaginable, though these panels may require professional installation for optimal results.

Tile has an elegant appearance but requires costly upkeep in order to stay looking its best. Most of us don’t have the budget for professional installation of custom tiles in our showers, yet we still want a stylish shower that is durable and simple to maintain, which makes shower wall panels the ideal solution for us!