Know About Your Drinking Personality

people drinking wine at party

Whether it’s a pool party on a hot, sunny day or a cold, exciting Christmas eve, alcoholic drinks are a popular corner stone for celebration.

It often feels so amazing when you think about a gathering of friends and family involving a few drinks. But it can also bring up horrifying memories of how you behaved the last time after getting sloshed down and the hangover which followed.

You must be confused about why your attitude and personality changed after drinking alcohol, and you started acting so weird? When a person is in his senses, his brain controls all the actions. But when alcohol induces its effect on the brain, the hidden personality of the person breaks out.

What are these personalities and how do they differ from each other. Check it out in the article below. Thinking about getting drinks later? Ice can cool your drink down and dilute it but ice has other cool uses too. Why not check out our other article on clever uses of ice cubes.

What are the Different Types of Drinking Personalities?

Every person responds differently when alcohol reaches their brain through the blood. As a result, different personality types appear, as follows.

Ferocious Personality

There is a wild soul hidden in everyone’s body, finding a way to escape. Alcohol is the key that opens the prison for that soul and makes a person violent.

A person who is out of control can verbally abuse someone or physically injure him. Typically those who are drug addicts show such a response to alcohol.

Emotional Personality

Sometimes, the person may become very touchy and emotional rather than aggressive and violent. 

Alcohol consumption exposes the soft and polite side of alcoholic persons. They may instantly start crying or hug you if you share something sad or heart-wrenching.

But on the other hand, it may give rise to sexual desire as the person feels attracted to the opposite gender. Therefore, a drunk can sexually harass a passerby or assault them.

High-Tolerant Drunk

Not everyone shares the same experience after consuming beer, whiskey, vodka, or wine! For example, you might consider someone drunk who stumbles during the walk and has slurred speech and pinkish eyes.

An alcohol test can bring some people under the spotlight who can tolerate high concentrations of alcohol in their blood and remain conscious.

They behave normally; hence it becomes difficult to know whether they have consumed alcohol. Therefore, only an alcohol test is helpful to detect the presence and concentration of alcohol.

The genetic material matters a lot in controlling the effect of alcohol influencing a person. But it doesn’t justify their reason to drink more than the permissible limit.

Careless Personality

As the level of alcohol surges in the blood, the brain starts to shut down. As a result, people who fall in the category feel difficulty focusing on a point.

Therefore, they shouldn’t drive the car when returning from a bar. There is a high probability of a car accident in that case.

Furthermore, they should avoid going on the rooftop or walking on the road as they may fall or hit any vehicle.

In a Nutshell

If you frequently notice a shift in your personality right after drinking alcoholic products, you better go to your physician and discuss the matter.

Get your treatment plan before you harm yourself or someone else. The only way to prevent any unfortunate event is to reduce your alcohol consumption if you can’t quit drinking. That’s the best you can do for your near and dear ones.