Creative Cakes for Special Events that Are Too Good to Eat

A glass tray filled with little sponge cake smothered in cream and topped with a strawberry.

At events one of the most important things is the cake. Everyone is always wanting their cake to look amazing as well as taste amazing and some people go above and beyond to ensure they get exactly that. More and more cakes are beginning to look like decorations rather than a tasty treat to eat because of how realistic they look. From cakes looking like a real bouquet of flowers or looking like real life figures from your favourite Disney movie. Depending on the occasion there really is a cake for many different events.

Slices of fruit cakes on a white plate

Different events for cakes

There really is a cake for nearly every event ranging from birthdays, Christmas and other holidays to weddings and cake smashes for children’s photoshoots, the list goes on. Cakes are seen as such a big deal for events because it is a thing that most people like to eat and because there is so many different things cakes can be used for and cutting the cake is the part of the event most people enjoy. Cakes are used at events as they can symbolise a main theme of an event as more and more details are being added to cakes it’s not just a plain chocolate cake for a birthday for children, the cake is matched to the overall theme with princess birthday parties or a superhero cake, there are many different themes to be able to choose from.

Popular cakes

Birthday cakes are becoming a lot more popular as they can really be made to look like anything ranging from favourite movie characters to personalised cakes with their favourite things on the cake, personalised messages can also be put on cakes which people love as it makes the cake more special to them.

Slice taken from chocolate cakes with a strawberry on top

Other types of cakes becoming more popular

It’s not just big cakes that are becoming more popular, cupcakes also have become a big craze as they have so many different flavours and they are excellent at parties for children to be able to pick one they like instead of them all being the same. Another big thing is cake pops, exactly like cakes but in bite size portions that are attached to sticks to resemble lolly pops. Another type of cake becoming popular are mug cakes with their simple ingredients and quick cooking process people can enjoy cakes at any time at home without loads of equipment.