SDTM ADAM Helped Us Improve Small Things


As you may already know, we make baked goods and products right here in the UK. The UK food industry is under threat from regulation change in a post Brexit world, and we wanted to inform our customers of some of the important things to do with food regulation that affects all of us in our day to day lives. You have probably never heard of SDTM ADAM processes, but they play a very important role in the food regulation process. Every time a new food product is made, it must be tested by the food testing agency in that country. ADAM SDTM software makes it much faster and easier for the companies that make the food to gather the data relating to its safety, so they are very useful for companies that don’t have a huge budget.


What Does SDTM ADAM Software Do?

SDTM ADAM software is usually used by pharmaceutical companies and food and drinks manufacturers to log the huge amount of data that is required when submitting a new drug or food for approval. The data that has to be obtained in the areas of drug making and food manufacture is huge, and prior to this special software, this data would have to be entered one by one in a manual fashion. Manually inputting this data is very time consuming, could often add days to the process of compiling the data sheets. The software means that organisations don’t need to worry about having to enter data, and is therefor very important for food manufacture.


Our Journey

When we first started making our food products, we were using very generic ingredients that were readily available and easy to use and get ahold of. As time went on, we decided that we wanted to provide a more premium service and use ingredients that were more high end and less common in food manufacture. We had to work with specialist suppliers that were smaller in scale and had food products that were much better that the ones that were usually available. These companies had to get the food properly approved by the usually channel of applying to the food regulator. They worked with outside companies that heled them process the ADAM datasets so that they could quickly and easily get their products approved and ready for the market.


Taking It To Market

The biggest part of our journey was getting these new products ready to be sold to consumers, as it meant that our whole production method was completely changed. Using higher quality ingredients meant that our process of making baked goods had become a little more complicated, and we had to be careful when we were creating the first few batches that we didn’t make costly mistakes. Th premium products come at a premium price, and they are a bit different in terms of how they can be prepared. Luckily we managed to get the new baked goods ready without any major problems, and our customers loved them.