Post Brexit UK Food Standards


Post Brexit UK is getting more and more uncertain, and with the recent food Trade deals being pushed through by Boris Johnson, businesses and consumers alike are worries about the outcome.

Food quality standards are already a delicate matter in the Brexit realm, as changes to the standards in place would open the UK up to food imports from anywhere in the world.

There are concerns that cheap food from the USA would attract our MPs and start a wave of low quality food imports that are not in line with the UK public’s expectations.

There are a number of practices in the US food production industry that are a cause for concern, like chlorinated poultry and hormone use in animals for food consumption.

In the UK we don’t use many of these practices, since up until now we have fallen under the EU Food Standards Regulations.

The USA has endured years’ worth of problems due to its Food Standards Laws, and there have many scandals that have left the world feeling that the American systems in place do not do a very good job of protecting consumer safety.

Part of the problem is the scale of the production coming from America.

America has a vast appetite for all food types, especially meat, which means that they have food laws that better serve the fast production of food, rathe than the safe production.

When we compare the US laws to the EU Food Safety Regulations, we can see that the EU laws are far superior in every way.

The laws in EU will no longer apply to the UK in a post Brexit world, and MPs are using this chance to look at international trade agreements that will earn us money, rather than keep our food of a very high quality.