The Best Bakeries in Your Neighborhood

cakes in display of a bakery

The transformation of a historic brick bakery into an office building required replacement of large brick walls. Today, oversized windows replaced the massive brick walls and provide an airy feel to the interior. The new windows from WINCO capture the original bakery vibe, while meeting the needs of modern offices. Their black grid and dark-tinted Solarban low-e glass reduce heat gain and provide a striking contrast to the white brick exterior.

Great Harvest Bread Company

If you’re looking for a locally-owned bakery, you’ve come to the right place. The Great Harvest Bread Company bakes delicious whole grain bread and bakery treats. They are chemical-free, wholesome, and nutritionally dense. Their breads are warm, satisfying, and both sweet and savoury. It’s easy to see why Great Harvest Bread has become a staple in the neighbourhood.

The Great Harvest Bread Company, located at 1711 Centre Plaze in Fairlington Centre, was damaged by a car crash on Tuesday night. Fortunately, the bakery was closed when the accident happened. The driver, who was parked in front of the bakery, had put their car in drive mode instead of the reverse. Luckily, no one was injured in the crash. Afterward, the driver, who remained at the scene, apologized for the incident.

La Villita Mexican Bakery

The La Villita Mexican Bakery is a great place to enjoy a traditional Mexican breakfast. You can sample traditional dishes such as empanadas and pan de muertos. The bakers and cooks here will surely delight your taste buds. They make traditional dishes using traditional Mexican ingredients.

The La Villita Mexican Bakery is located in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Its unusual window display features cakes that look like they have been untouched for many years. Their once-white icing has begun to turn yellow, while the marzipan rosettes have faded and been covered in dust. The cakes are so interesting, locals often stop by to check on them. Some of them wonder if the bakers have baked new ones, while others just want to see if they are still there.