Baking And Britain

In Great Britain we have always been big fans of bakeries. However in recent years baking as well as cake shops and independent bakeries have seen a resurgence in demand thanks to the rise of shows such as the great British bake off. This show in particular proved to be such a big hit that at the peak of its popularity millions of people across the UK were watching the show at the same time each day that it was on.  As a result of the series many across the UK also chose to take up baking as a hobby and begin baking their own food.


Drop In Demand

However as well as a resurgence in demand there has also been a lapse in demand over recent years which hit many family owned and run bakeries hard as well as larger brands. One of the most notable brands that went into administration was Aulds bakery. This Bakery had been around for many years and was popular across Scotland and across the rest of the UK. However due to increased business rates as well as supply chain costs and drops in demand the business went bust.  As well as those factors there are a number of other reasons as to why demand for this particular bakery dropped. One of the major factors was lack of online presence. In a world where over three quarters the world’s population uses the internet regularly it is a major drawback if even the smallest business does not have some sort of online presence to advertise their business online.



As mentioned previously the bakery sector within the UK has enjoyed a resurgence in demand and a significant increase in spending thanks to the success of the great British bake off. This show has led to millions taking up baking as a hobby as well as spending more in their local cake shops and bakeries. As well as the growth of baking on tv, social media has also played a significant part with clips from the show being shared on Facebook as well as other forms of social media allowing baking to be exposed to a larger audience.

Significance Of Baking

Baking is and always has been an important craft.  Since before the first century baking has been used to prepare different foods for several generations of people. However over the last ten years the art of baking has been in decline as less and less people have learned the craft. This is partly due to a decline in the number of businesses setting up as bakeries in the UK as well. Overall in order for baking to remain relevant and to continue growth more businesses need to do more to attract young people into traditional trades such as baking.