Best Baking Tools For Beginners

Rolling Pin

The perfect rolling pin should be light enough to roll easily and sturdy enough to flatten dough evenly. This one features measurement rings etched into its wood, making it easy to get dough the same thickness from end to end. It also holds flour well without sticking and has a sleek, compact design that fits neatly in kitchen drawers. 

Pie Dish

The right pie dish will help you bake up a deliciously flaky crust and cook the contents evenly. Choose a sturdy pan made of glass or stainless steel to protect against thermal shock.

Look for one that is at least 1.25 inches deep to bake pies and cookies that require more liquid. A deeper dish will also keep your baked goods moist for a longer period of time.

Wooden Spoons

While a stand mixer is a nice-to-have tool, sometimes a basic wooden spoon is all you need. They’re great for scraping off the bottom of a pot, deglazing browned bits from a braise or simply mixing.

Look for a sturdy wood that won’t scratch your pans and can withstand heat. Also look for one with a long handle that lets you keep your hand away from the blazing burner and a notch that makes it easy to slip over the edge of a pot. 


One wooden spoon is enough for most recipes, but a spatula comes in handy for transferring baked goods from pans to cooling racks. Look for a silicone variety that stands up to high heat and washes easily.

A pastry brush can be used to coat pastries or pie crusts with a thin layer of melted butter or egg wash. It’s also useful for dusting cakes with powdered sugar.