The Best Book on Home Cooking and Baking

Are you looking for a great new food recipe? If you are, then look no further. With a well-defined food plan, you can easily start creating great new food recipes with very little effort. There are many different types of food recipes that can be created by simply following a proven plan that has been around for many years.

A comprehensive baking bible which teaches an endless variety of easy ways to baked exquisite breads and pastries using modern day kitchen equipment. Home Baking Guide has over 350 simple-to-follow, easy-to-pronounce recipes for casseroles, breads, bread toppings, cakes, muffins, and more! The baking program also offers a food combining system and a special how to cook section with easy to follow directions. With the home baking guide you will discover the scientific basis for the foods you create and be able to accurately duplicate them without any guesswork or cooking errors.

“Home Cooking in Color” is a comprehensive cooking manual that includes sixteen recipes for specialty foods. Culinar’s sixteen recipes include finger sandwiches in chili powder and vinegar, lasagna with meat sauce, beef stew with noodles, macaroni and cheese, vegetable and sausage soup, chicken kabobs, corn on the cob, vegetable-based pasta, rice cakes, stuffed mushrooms, vegetable-based meat loaf, and vegetable-based soups. Other sections of this well organized cookbook include how to prepare different kinds of fruit, appetizer preparation, side dishes, breakfast preparation, and shopping tips.

“The New Diet Solution” by Dr. Ruth Davis, R.N., Ph.D., is another comprehensive baking bible with a variety of fresh recipes aimed at nutritionists, dieticians, and caterers alike. This book contains eleven chapters and an index. Included are detailed explanations for each chapter including appropriate preparation time for each food and step-by-step directions for preparation. The ten chapters include: The chemistry of food, nutrition, healthy diet fundamentals, food combinations, healthy dietary guidelines, bread making basics, bread recipes, fruits and vegetables, and snack preparation. This cookbook is a great resource for anyone wanting to whip up healthy, delicious meals while sticking to a low calorie, low fat, and gluten-free diet.

More Book Recommendations

If baking is more your style, then “The Baking Bible” by Martha Stewart, R.N., Ph.D., is a must have. This is a thick book with over one hundred recipes, all of which come straight from the author’s own easy to make, delicious desserts. This comprehensive baking bible contains many variations of traditional pastries, cake, cookies, pies, fruit and vegetable crisps, cakes, cookies, and savory baked goods anyone can imagine. It has been known to be a helpful reference for professional chefs as well as those who enjoy baking for family and friends.

This is the third book I bought in preparation for my upcoming vacation. In this title, Kate McPherson, a registered chemical engineer, shares her passion for food and baking with first hand accounts from her own kitchen and from the many successful business she’s helped create. She offers readers new ways of thinking about food, techniques for creating tantalizingly delicious baked goods, and reasons to get creative in their recipes and use creative cooking methods. Each recipe includes a detailed description of ingredients and preparation tips and Kate has even provided some of her favorite recipes. I couldn’t have asked for a better start to my culinary adventure.