Glasgow Indian Restaurants- A Brief History

Glasgow Indian Restaurants

Within Glasgow, there are a wide variety of places to eat. In Glasgow Indian Restaurants are becoming increasing popular and have enjoyed steady growth throughout the years as we are known as a nation that loves variation when it comes to food. There are a number of different types and styles of restaurant throughout Glasgow but we found Glasgow Indian Restaurants to offer some of the best quality food , value and taste! You can check out one of our recommendations Dahkin here –

 Glasgow Indian Restaurants Impact On The Food Industry

Around the 1970s Indian cuisine really began to become popular within the UK. There was a large influx of immigrants from Bangladesh who settled in parts of London and the UK due to conflict back home. They went on to dominate the food industry making up a large proportion of curryhouses across the UK. One of the main reasons for this was how affordable and easy to make curry was. It proved an instant hit and now just under forty years on Indian cuisine is as popular as ever.  Glasgow Indian Restaurants played a significant role in the populism of Indian cuisine. In fact an Indian chef in  a west end Glasgow Indian Restaurant created chicken Tikka massala by mixing cream and tomatoes into a regularly curry creating a new dish which is extremely popular to this day. Its consequently hard to ignore the impact Glasgow Restaurants have had on the UK and its food industry.

Glasgow Indian Restaraunts

Popularity And Tradition

Within the Indian Cuisine niche of the food industry there a number of different variations of dishes you can try. Fish , pork , lamb , beef , chicken and also a number of vegetarian curries made with organic ingredients often makeup the basis of many curry dishes. In addition to Curry itself another dish which has made a name for itself in the UK is Pakora. Pakora is quite possibly one of the most popular foods in the UK. Its not uncommon for it to be a fish and chip shop and its very common within Indian cuisine. Pakora is essentially like a snack food  is made up of ground chick peas and then deep fried to produce a batter which can be formed into individual pieces of pakora. Pakora is often filled with fish , chicken , onions mushrooms and other foods to add flavour and makes an excellent starter or side dish.  This particular dish has become extremely popular in the fast food business in the UK alongside other foods such as kebab meat for example. It can be argued that the western taste for spices originated long before the start of the 20th century as many years before that countries have been trading spices from India and other Asian countries across the world.

Glasgow Indian Restaurants

Health Benefits Of Indian Food

Heres a list of the health benefits and reasons Indian food can help improve your diet

  • High in a wide variety of fruit
  • High in a wide variety of vegetables
  • Low in saturated fats
  • High in Fibre
  • Good levels of antioxidants
  • Balanced diet